Star Metal Building Systems


If you’re planning a building project and you want security, both in the integrity of your structure and in your supplier, then Star Building Systems is your first call.

Star Building Systems does Schools, Factories, Retail Centers, Warehouses – our state-of-the-art metal construction solutions help ensure the longevity of any building project you can imagine.

The benefits of building with Star Steel include:

  • Building with metal allows for faster construction times, saving time and money.
  • Metal construction offers more design flexibility and versatility when compared against more traditional materials like wood or concrete.
  • Star metal buildings and products require less long term maintenance.
  • Star offers a long line of green solutions that are environmentally and economically friendly.
  • Star products are avaialble in multiple colors, finishes and silhouettes for additional design options.
  • Star metal construction products can be used in tandem with other, more traditional building materials.


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Products Include:

Long Bay

Star Building Systems offers a unique solution when large areas of open space are required in your building. This is ideal for any building requiring few interior columns: manufacturing facilities, warehouses, retail buildings and recreational buildings. Less bridging, fewer footings and reduced number of columns result in significant overall cost savings. Compatibility with multiple wall and roofing systems gives you increased flexibility in construction design.

Roof and Wall Systems

A Star building is more structurally sound while being beautiful, eye-catching, and attractive. This is due in part to our wide selection of superior-quality roof and wall panels, all of which are available in a variety of colors, coats and applied finishes. Regardless of your project application, Star has the products to get the job done, from simple screw-down panels to state-of-the-art standing seam roof panels.

Standing Seam Roof Systems

These include BattenLok® HS Roof Panel, a 16″ wide, 24 guage mechanically field-seamed, high strength standing seam roof system capable of transitioning from roof to fascia applications; Double-Lok® Roof Panel, a 24″ standing seam panel attached to the subframing using a concealed fastening clip system that provides for thermal movement and minimal panel penetrations; SuperLok® Roof Panel, a standing seam panel that blends the aesthetics of an architectural panel with the strength of a structural panel; and mechanically field-seamed system; Ultra-Dek® Roof Panel, a 24″ wide snap-together, trapezoidal leg standing seam roof system which is ideal for insdustrial, commercial and architectural applications.

Insulated Panel Systems

Insulated metal panels are the ideal solution for energy efficiency when it comes to roof and wall applications. They are strong and can be utilized with fewer structural supports than most single skin panels. This is due to their greater spanning and load bearing capabilities.


From gutters and downspouts to ventilators, windows and canopies, Star offers a complete line of worry-free accessories. all of which add to a finished building with a unique presence. Our accessories are specifically designed to work with Star’s durable roof and wall systems. They reinforce the building’s structural integrity. They ensure its weather tightness and energy efficiency. If you need overhangs, entry doors, store fronts or thermal windows, Star accessories compliment the appearance and functionality of your building.

Green Products

Star offers a wide range of energy efficient, sustainable solutions including IMPs, NuRoof® Retrofit Roofing and Cool Roof Colors.

Insulated Metal Panels (IMPs)

IMPs are roof and wall panels consisting of two single-skin metal panels with a foamed-in-place core.

NuRoof® Retrofit Roofing

This system assists in improving energy efficiency of pre-existing roofs.

Cool Roof Colors

Cool Roof Colors can reduce energy consumption, minimize urban heat islands and improve cost savings.

Building Applications

Whether you need a small, simple building or a large, complex structure, you will find that Star’s time-tested processes and products are an excellent choice for any end use application. If you require modifications to an existing building or your construction project is still in the planning stages, Star stands up to the challenge.

Our Retail and Commercial facilities are attractive, functional and cost effective. Whether you are considering a one-of-a-kind free standing commercial center or a chain of centers across the country, Star Building Systems can offer a solution to fit your needs. Eye-catching design options are possible with Star’s broad collection of exterior veneers, finishes and colors. Quick construction times and long-term low maintenance equals unparalleled savings.

Star excels when it comes to Manufacturing and Industrial facilities. Complete with design flexibility and expandability, steel structures are inherently weather and pest resistant. Overhead crane systems requiring 90-foot eave heights, storage mezzanines and conveyor systems might pose a design threat for other companies. Not Star.

A dependable Warehouse offers space and is low maintenance, cost effective and durable. Star is proud to offer creative and dependable warehouse solutions that cater to your every need. Spacial concerns are eliminated when utilizing Star’s clear span design or Long Bay® System.

Institutional and Government Construction accounts for some of the nation’s most important facilities: schools, hospitals, fire and police stations and more. These projects are completely customizable to fit your budget and your specifications.

Star’s Agricultural and Livestock facilities are designed with the modern farmer in mind. Thermal efficiency and sustainable ventilation are key elements when construction from the ground up. Unique drainage techniques are often specified when designing for feed, milk and housing facilities.

Our Recreational designs are created wiht the user in mind. From small gyms to large arenas, Star will make sure your building is a winner.

Aviation Hangars house an array of costly airplanes, helicopters and more. They must be accommodating to all shapes and sizes while providing security from the elements.

Retrofit and Re-Roof Solutions

Tired of your existing roof? Has your existing roof tired out on you or sustained damage? Star’s retrofit and re-roof capabilities help you bring your worn roofing system back to life. Whether your Star roof is constructed atop an existing roof, or stands as the master roof, weathertightness is assured.

A Star Building System stands the test of time. Contact us for your next project.