WaterColor Custom Homes

Building your WaterColor custom home is an exciting experience! Ensuring your custom home to-be is built with precision and accuracy, while remaining unique to the surrounding houses in WaterColor is a top priority for Regal Stephens. As a veteran luxury home builder in WaterColor, Regal Stephens takes all of the necessary considerations into account when bidding and scheduling your home’s construction. With having built a variety of custom homes in the popular beach community, they have a complete understanding of what it is required for your home to stay within the WaterColor building code. Plus, with over 14 years of custom building experience in both commercial and residential, Regal Stephens always delivers a superior product.

Whether it’s commercial development or custom home design in WaterColor, Florida you’re seeking, Regal Stephens continues to impress their clientele, as well as the public with their finished masterpieces! You can book a consultation with Regal Stephens to discuss your ideas, thoughts and plans for your next custom dream home in WaterColor, FL!

  • Bowden Residence
Cofield Residence

Greene Residence

Johnson Residence

Rising Residence

Sandage Residence

Qu Residence