Regal Stephens Custom Home Builders

About Regal Stephens

It starts at a very young age with Legos and abandoned boxes, empty lots and tree houses; a passion to build and create beautiful things. Fast forward many years later and you will find one critical component to being a great builder: Passion. A great builder must have passion for the product and passion for the process. Some might argue that building is very formulaic, but we disagree. Without passion, you might have a satisfied customer, at best. But when you are passionate about what you do, your end result is much closer to an elated customer, and often times a lifetime relationship. “Satisfaction” just doesn’t seem the capture that for which Regal Stephens strives.

What began as a dream many years ago, has now become a thriving family reality, appropriately named, RegalStephens. Named after the two youngest members of the founding family team, Regal Russell and Stephen Scott, sons to Ron Porter, RegalStephens began in hometown Houston, TX, with the end goal being the Gulf Coast of Florida. Ron brings a little, ok a lot, of gray hair to the table, and decades of architectural and construction experience. Together the three make up the management team of RegalStephens. While all three are very different in personality, they find a common bond in working to build a business that will last way beyond their years, a legacy of sorts that they hope to leave their children one day. Even their alma mater Texas A&M has found a new home, in the SEC, making this feel even more like home to the three founders.

The RegalStephens team has doubled in size, hiring only the best talent. Proud to have become a trusted and well respected name along the Emerald Coast, RegalStephens is ready to build something for you.